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Slimtech 5Plus – the oversize slab’s new goal

Slimtech 5Plus is born to complete Lea Ceramiche’s laminated porcelain project.  5,5 mm thickness opens up to new technical performances and surprising surface finishes.

honey_wood 004

It is now possible to use this product in new areas: from commercial and technical spaces subject to intensive
wear & tear, such as shopping malls, airports, public sanitary areas and the lobbies of public buildings.
The new thickness allows new surface treatment processes, reconfirming the constant evolution of Slimtech and
the quest for increasingly advanced technical properties.

Slimtech is today the complete solution for online casino the cladding of every space thanks to the 3 different thicknesses.


The greater thickness makes it possible to achieve surface treatments such as mirror polish, multi-level
engraving and different material finishes and textures, which were until now unthinkable with the thickness of
Slimtech 5Plus is presented for the first time in the wood-effect version: Wood-Stock Slimtech is the new
collection available in 6 colours (snow wood, nut wood, cream wood, honey wood, vintage wood and coffee
wood) and 4 new sizes (33x300cm; 20x200cm; 20x150cm and 20x100cm), with astounding texture and visual
effects. Large modular sizes, a new finish which appeals to an increasingly wide and diversified public; new
experiments on ceramics which open up to new and more and more options of use, such as in the contract
Technology and beauty which complete the range of the most innovative slim line ceramic produced in recent

ELEPHOUNTAIN A Cibicworkshop design for Lea Ceramiche

On the occasion of the 2013 edition of Bologna Water Design, Lea Ceramiche presents “Elephountain”, a Cibicworkshop design, in collaboration with Luceplan. Against the striking backdrop of the Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini of Bologna, the installation interprets the theme of water in a joyful and poetic manner. The sculpture, represented by a large fountain cleverly illuminated by Luceplan, consists of a large tank and a central wall on which ten elephant heads are fixed, through which water flows out. Made of ceramic, the plastic shapes of the animals recall the ancient tradition where the water source was expressed through the depiction of wild animals. Water and ceramic, two closely connected elements: the mixture of clay, sand and natural substances gives rise to the porcelain stoneware thanks to the precise mixing with water. The central structure Queste sono le caratteristiche del gioco della Roulette . that receives the ceramic shapes is entirely covered with Slimtech, the latest in ceramic materials. The large slabs, only 3.5mm thick and characterized by oversized formats up to a maximum of 3 m x 1 m, in the milk shade version, cover the tank providing a cement effect.

Slimtech in the Lealab version is visible on both sides of the vertical block: a lightweight design is imprinted using the innovative Lea digital printing technique on laminated porcelain, with the delicate patterns lending movement to the surface to create a three-dimensional effect. The Elephountain installation shows the multiple applications of ultra-thin slab. Easily adaptable for covering any surface as a traditional floor and wall tiles, as well as for a non-conventional use of ceramic material, Slimtech can be used for fountains and swimming pools like in the installation for the Bologna Water Design, creating decorative effects with strong visual impact. The e06 spotlights by Luceplan accent the fountain and panels with a few touches of warm light, to underscore and enhance the qualities of the materials in an almost theatrical atmosphere.

Lea Ceramiche @ Bologna Water Design 2013 | Elephountain, a Cibicworkshop project in collaboration with Luceplan

 Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini Via D’Azeglio 41 Bologna

 23-27 September 2013





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LEALAB: creativity in digital format | Lea Ceramiche @Cersaie 2013

Slimtech, the thin, ultra-light slab from Lea Ceramiche continues with its constant evolution. Thanks to the innovative digital printing technique, it becomes the material on which any image can be imprinted: the result is Lealab, the solution for made-to-measure projects. A Lealab creation from Lea Ceramiche will be seen at the “outside the fair” event at Bologna Water Design with an installation designed by Cibicworkshop with the participation of Luceplan.

 Lealab is a container designed to give room to creativity. A mix of technologies at the service of not just professionals.

The starting point is Slimtech, the latest generation ceramic material. Tough and lasting in spite of the thickness being only 3.5mm, this product has revolutionized the ceramic sector in recent years. With its large sizes, up to a maximum of 3 m x 1 m, it has superseded the traditional concept of the tile. With Slimtech the decoration also undergoes evolution: in fact, the laminated porcelain slab becomes the online casinos in australia support on which any image can be imprinted; thanks to a new digital printing technique, the bright colours as well as the colour shades remain unchanged, with truly amazing end results. The possibility of having any kind of customization, even in minimum quantities, in residential as well as architectural constructions, is called Lealab, a new “made-to-measure service” created by Lea Ceramiche. The technical skills of Lea Ceramiche and natural ability to produce quality products, constitute an absolute guarantee to support any project, at every stage.

Lealab allows printing of any kind of image. The printing inks used are water-based, non-toxic, resistant to sunlight. After the image is imprinted on the Slimtech 3 Plus ceramic support, a protective layer of water-based substance is applied to cover the slab, giving it three different finishes: a totally matt effect, natural where the surface is more transparent and luminous; and finally, polished, for a perfectly glossy finish.

The applications of Lealab are endless. It adapts perfectly to decorative as well as architectural needs. In residential contexts, in addition to traditional wall tiles, it can be used for covering any type of furniture (tables, cupboards, cabinets, shelves, benches); it can be used for kitchen counter tops and in the bathroom. Being moisture-resistant, it is ideal for showers, Turkish baths and swimming pools. Owing to its high degree of durability, resistance to colours and to atmospheric agents, Lealab is also recommended for outdoor use for covering buildings with ventilated walls or cladding, offering captivating looks and great visual impact. Lealab is printed on Slimtech 3 Plus, reinforced laminated porcelain slab available in the following standard sizes: 50 x 50cm, 50 x 100cm, 100 x 100cm and 100 x 300cm.


Lea Ceramiche @ Cersaie 2013

Hall 14 – Stand D7 / E8

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The ICFF Editors Award 2013 goes to Lea Ceramiche

During the 25th edition of the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), the most important North American showcase for contemporary design held in from 18 to 21 May in New York, Lea Ceramiche received the ICFF Editors Award 2013 in the “Materials” section.


As every year, ICFF calls on the most authoritative editors of the sector to reward the best in contemporary design production. After careful study by the executive committee, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center 16 categories offered the best in product design, representing all fields of production, from furniture to lighting, kitchens to bathrooms, materials to contract.

And it was precisely in the “Materials” section that Lea North America, the brand marketing and selling Lea Ceramiche in the US market, received this prestigious award. The important recognition represents a strong incentive for the it ci sono diverse varianti di questo gioco appassionante, prova tutte le versioni di blackjack gratis online disponibili:Se proprio non puoi rinunciare alle tipiche atmosfere dei veri casino, il Live blackjack gratis ti porta in un casino reale grazie ad un collegamento effettuato tramite speciali webcam. company to continue to pursue its journey towards continuous research, innovation and experimentation on a material used traditionally as a simple wall and floor tiling material, porcelain stoneware. Also thanks to the introduction Php Aide to the market of the revolutionary Lea Slimtech, a slab just 3 mm think with sizes up to 1 metre x 3 metres, tiles today are far more than a mere decorative furnishing element for any space, but have become a fully integral part of all architectural design. 

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Milano Design Week 2013

Lea Ceramiche and Effegibi present Slim Hammam: Ottoman inspirations and digital patterns

A project by Diego Grandi

With the participation of Servomuto


slim_hammam Read more

New partnership between Lea Ceramiche and Lago

Lea and Lago

Cologne, January 2013_IMM Cologne, the first fair of the year for furnishing, was the ideal setting to present the new products born from the partnership between Lea Ceramiche and Lago.
Designed by Daniele Lago, the new collections N.O.W. Line, Drunk and 36e8, were created so as to complete the research by Lago targeting the enrichment of the housing system: furniture that combines with the floor and wall tiles so as to create a personalized space.

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Break in Blue, design by Diego Grandi @ Bologna Water Design 2012

At the Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini, part of the Bologna Water Design 2012 event, Lea Ceramiche presents
Break in Blue.
The project, by Diego Grandi, fits into the space like a pause, the ideal, physical suspension in the heart of the
event. Large sized coloured surfaces like lakes, re-design the atmosphere replacing the voids of the courtyard
the installation is set up in, defining a meeting place and point.

Lea Ceramiche partner with Lamborghini for the Protoshop

The Protoshop by Lamborghini is the first multi-storey industrial building in Italy in Class A: it covers an area of almost 5,000 m2 and was designed for the famous vehicle manufacturer to house its “Prototypes and Pre-series” department. The project is the work of the Prospazio team of architects of Modena, who chose the ultra-slim (3.5 mm thick) and oversized (3m x 1m) Slimtech slabs by Lea Ceramiche for the covering of the ventilated facade.

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Union Square 999 by Leo A Daly

Union Square consists of two Class A office buildings in the North of Massachusetts Avenue (“NoMa”) district of Washington DC. Together the buildings provide 609,540 sq. ft. of office space, all of which is leased to District of Columbia government agencies. The two 9-story buildings are linked by a common center plaza.

union square 999

The buildings were constructed between 1969 and 1973 and fully renovated in 2009.

Series: Slimtech basaltina stone project 100×100 – 50×50 cm / 34.9×34.9″ – 19.7×19.7″

Architect: Leo A Daly


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Lea Ceramiche partner of “Elle Decor Upside Down”

“Elle Decor Apartment Upside Down” is the project of Elle Decor, the international magazine of architecture and design, to dress, for the second year, the windows of La Rinascente in Milan’s Piazza Duomo from November 15th to the 21st.

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TWIRL by Zaha Hadid Architects with LEA

Lea Ceramica is taking part in Interni Mutant Architecture & Design with an installation designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The event exhibition is organised by the magazine Interni to mark Milano Capitale del Design® 2011 Read more

Twirl _ The Backstage

A reference to the installation “Twirl_the backstage”” can be seen at the Lea Ceramiche Showroom in via Durini.  The starting point is the breakdown of Zaha Hadid’s striking installation into its basic elements: matter and color. 

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Designer Days


Lea Ceramiche dedicates the four days from June 16th to the 20th to design.  An exhibition designed by Patrick Norguet in a showroom in the heart of Paris www.atoledo.com will be set up using Slimtech slabs.

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Lago apartment at Fuorisalone 2011

 On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2001, Lago will introduce some bathroom concepts produced me riportiamo sul nostro portale soltanto i migliori Casino online sicuri AAMS. with Slimtech, designed in different versions and shades, in its Showroom in Via Brera (Milan).